We are Alvi Pixels, an independent web design agency based in The Media Centre, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

At Alvi Pixels, we create stunning brands, handcrafted digital experiences and spellbinding digital marketing campaigns for clients across industries and around the world.

We don't just
create innovative designs
we craft art pieces!

Alvi Pixels is the custom web design and development experts in the West Yorkshire region. We provide unique, bespoke solutions whether it is a logo design, web design or online system development. Every solution is tailored to your individual business needs and goals.

Our team is great at what they do because they love what they do. Each project is a passionate art piece for us, not just another task.

We are known for our special cup of coffee which is said to have magical properties that convert a consultation meeting into a handshake. The magic part is just a myth it is our sincere conversation and friendly approach which makes people feel at ease.

Why not join us for a cup of coffee to discuss your digital project.

We can proudly state that our client satisfaction rate is over 99%.
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What we do

In the last 10 years...

  • we have served clients in 3 countries and over 20 cities
  • Created over 1000 Websites
  • Served Over 2000 Happy Clients
  • Created over 2000 Logo Concepts
  • Created 2000 Social Media Graphics
  • Uncountable graphic work

Our Work

What Our Clients Say About us

We believe that our long-standing success of 10 years was not possible without our happy clients. At the same time, we are delighted to hear from our clients how our solutions made their lives easy and businesses successful.

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