When & Why do you need a new website

When it comes to a successful website, it’s not just about an eye-catching Logo and attractive design. Though those things matter you also want your website to be user-friendly, easy to navigate and most importantly generate sales.

It’s not necessary for it to look outdated, sometimes your design looks perfectly up to date but if it’s not generating any business then its time for you to Invest in a new website.

One thing most businesses fail to realize is just because someone is doing you a website for a discounted price or free it’s not necessarily a good investment.

If the website doesn’t generate that all-important businesses and inquiries then it’s not a good website.

So how will you know if you need a new website?

There are a few essential elements and missing out on any of these could seriously reduce the efficacy of your website and therefore hurt your business.
A good website design company would help and guide you to include all of these in/with your website or include these elements as standard when designing your website just as we do here at Alvi Pixels.

1. It Simply doesn’t look Good.

This is the first and easiest step, put your self in your user’s shoes, what do you think? does the site look good? would you be happy if you were a visiting customer? is the site easy to navigate?

In a survey when internet users were asked what they thought the number one reason in deciding the credibility of a business is, 48 per cent said it was the website’s design.

An unattractive website can make your business look unprofessional and out of touch with modern consumers, and may cause a visitor to leave your page which in turn will make your bounce rate high and which will make your website drop it’s Google ranking.

2. To Make Content Feeding Easier

If you want good Google Ranking then you need to make sure you feed it content regularly. If Google decides your website is out of date you will lose your Google ranking and hence customers.

So it is important you have an easy way to add new content, including galleries if you need to show off your product. There are a few Content Management Systems available like WordPress, Joomla or your developer can offer you a custom CMS (content management system) to make editing your website easier.

3. Your Current Website isn’t Responsive/ Mobile friendly

As more and more users start using different smart devices like phones and tablets it is crucial for your website to be responsive.

So what is a responsive site? A responsive website is a specially designed site that adapts how it displays depending on the size of the screen, for example, a mobile or tablet users will get an adapted version of your website that is easier to navigate and use. Google also gives preference to responsive websites when it comes to ranking. Most importantly, all these factors contribute to increasing your leads/enquiries/sales.

At Alvi Pixels, we make sure to design websites that are great to look at and easy to use regardless of the device in your hands.

4. You want/need an Engaging Bespoke Website Design

With so many companies offering online website builders for a fraction of the price, businesses have forgotten why they need a bespoke website.
Due to the website builders giving out the same templates, many websites are starting to look the same and visitors can hardly differentiate between the websites they visited.

A bespoke designed website will make your website easy to remember and give you that all-important edge over your competition

5. Your Website isn’t Search Engine Optimised

Ok so now we’ve established it’s important for you to have an attractive modern website but you must know appearances mean nothing if users can’t see it in search engine results.

If your website isn’t ranking well, there are a number of things your website design agency can do to get you ranking at the top of Google.

Gone are the days when Google gave you ranking because of the number of backlinks and meta keywords. These days Google is only your friend depending on how good your content is, how often you update your website and how active you are on social media.

But its also important to remember your website’s usability plays a big part in what Google constitutes as a valuable and trustworthy website.

6. Your Website Speed is Slow

With the age of the smartphones and the technologies available to us, it is fair to say we have lost all patience.

These days us consumers not just want quality information, but we want it quickly. Surveys have shown 47 per cent of consumers expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less, and 40 per cent of visitors will leave a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. To keep these impatient users happy, you will need to improve your website loading time.

So in order to draw customers to your site and keep them there, you’ll require a modernised website with fast loading speed.


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